Friday, August 19, 2011

Script and Template License

CU4CU License HFProjekte

CU4CU License HFProjekte

$20.00 $18.00
Save: 10% off

This is a one time purchase for a lifetime license to create CU items from my scripts and templates for resale. Some conditions apply.
Once you purchase the license you will get a zip to download, that contains a text file you have to fill in and email to me. I will then email you the License with your license number and a image you have to post on your blog, web site or your store front.
This license is for my scripts and templates only.
Thank you for your interest in my products! Any questions please email me!

Please Note this is for the license only! You must purchase my CU products Separately.

You May:

You MAY make other CU items to resell as CU from my products as long as you ADD something to them.
You can not just run my scripts or actions and then resell as is.

You MAY make a CU kit or element set as long as you add something of your own creation to it and
it may NOT be made up of more than 40% of my products.
You may also resell my products as S4H as long as you follow all these guidelines as well.

you May Not:
You MAY NOT sell element packs containing only my products.
You MAY NOT sell my original files or templates made from my products.
You MAY NOT sell my original files at all. My scripts and actions are not to be taken apart and resold.
You MAY NOT use my products to create brushes, shapes, textures, or other designer resources.
Anything you make using my products MUST be a flattened single layer colored image.

You Must :
You must include in your TOU file that you are a HF Projekte License holder in the items in which my designs are used.
You MUST display the customized license anywhere that you will be selling or offering the CU items that you create with my CU items.

This license CAN NOT be transferred to anyone else at any time for any reason!!!

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